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    With a tagline of Look, Live and Feel Gorgeous, franchisor Brazilian Beauty wanted the business to live up to their customer promise. Established in 2004, significant growth had seen this model of luxury develop some significant back-office headaches. The 20 independently-operated luxury salons employ 150 professional therapists. High standards, attention to detail and great service are hallmarks of Brazilian Beauty – Australia’s leading beauty salon franchise.

    • Date

      2015 Mar


      Brazillian Beauty



    • SalesFix understood the franchising model and they spent a lot of time with us to really understand our business. SalesFix helped take us to the next level by providing advice and guiding us on our journey. There was a real synergy.

      Francesca Webster
      Founder of Brazilian Beauty
    • Beauty is a serious business and with 20 locations in four states, Brazilian Beauty – headquartered in Queensland – turned to SalesFix for a customised solution. With two salons to be rolled out in 2015 and a four-year strategy of an extra 30 salons, Brazilian Beauty needed help fast.

      Timely reports showing results are key to ensuring salons are performing at their best. Weekly reports from 20 salons saw the 13 staff at headquarters drowning in paperwork. 180 hours per month were spent developing, collating and distributing 400 reports.

  • The Approach

    • “SalesFix worked with us. They provide excellent value for money because they know what they are doing, and they deliver! They kept us in the loop the entire way. They mapped our unique franchise business processes and incorporated our accounting management. These steps were critical in regard to our reporting and streamlining our processes.”

      “Jason Lawrence from SalesFix has a great deal of experience and has been awarded by Salesforce.com® as a Salesforce Most Valued Professional (MVP). His experience clearly shone through with the delivery of this project. It was on time, within budget and everything works brilliantly. Tick!”

  • Key Benefits

    • Flexible

      A key concern for Brazilian Beauty was finding a new system that would support a community for the franchisees. They needed to collaborate more and cut down on paperwork. Job done!

    • Seamless

      Brazilian Beauty is a growing business – with more stores in more cities, they need a solution that can grow with them. They also need a CRM that will adapt as their business becomes more sophisticated. Challenges answered!

    • Powerful

      Salesforce® can be anything you want it to be. What does your business need to achieve? What are your goals? How do you implement the business processes that can make you successful? Get the right partner & see the beauty of Salesforce!?

  • The Challenge

    • The franchisor uses salon software to run each business and needs to ensure that each salon coordinator could provide timely reports on their salon’s performance. Head office also wanted to create a community where salon coordinators and staff could share ideas, problems and collaborate on solutions.

      “The system we had was resource intensive. Each coordinator at each salon had to create 20 reports, collate them, save them to PDFand then send them to head office. Once we received these reports, we needed to collate all 400 reports again. Then we would have to consolidate all of those reports and attempt to extract meaningful data from them. It was a really laborious process.”

      “All that double handling of data and we didn’t know if the data was accurate – there was a lot of room for human error. Plus, it was time consuming for our coordinators and head office staff. Time spent collating data was time that wasn’t being spent on our customers.”


    • The Implementation

      “At Brazilian Beauty, we wanted to develop our own knowledge base. We wanted to have answers to questions so that everyone could access the answers and share solutions.”

      “Aspart of the process, we had to clean up our data. The data cleansing required a lot of quality control and a lot of time to get it right. The operational team at Brazilian Beauty spent many hours getting that right before it was migrated across to Salesforce.”

      SalesFix developed the reports, dashboards and communities in Salesforce using the capability of Salesforce Communities. Roll out included delivering training to each franchisee, so they understood the system and felt confident using it.

    • The SalesFix Solution

      SalesFix came in with the team and mapped out the business processes with the entire corporate team. “We set a budget, a time and a deadline and it was all delivered, in full and on time.”

      SalesFix worked with Brazilian Beauty to develop a customised solution that integrated with their existing software, cut down on paperwork and was simple for non-technical staff to use. Busy professionals could access key data and check the performance of their salons.

      By using Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, Brazilian Beauty had the benefit of a cloud-based solution that was available anywhere on any device. They implemented Salesforce Community, which provides for dashboards, groups and easy communication in a social-media style stream.

  • The Results

    • “Originally we used another Salesforce.com partner to implement the solutions but unfortunately the end result was not a good fit for our organisation. As a result there was little user adoption as no one could see the benefits.”

      I love technology, but not all people do, and I knew that if Salesforce was implemented correctly it would take our business well into the future so I persisted. Once SalesFix came on board and the implementation was completed successfully we had to relaunch Salesforce and sell the benefits to our franchisees and salon staff members.

      “Some people don’t like change, and they have a fear of technology, yet once the SalesFix solution was demonstrated, and they saw the capabilities they became enthusiastic about the possibilities. We now have 100% user adoption and keep our data up-to-date on a daily basis.”

      “The main benefits to Brazilian Beauty is that we now can collaborate as a team. We have relief from email fatigue because all the communication is in Salesforce Community. We have accurate reporting direct from the data source – and we’ve removed human error. We have excellent consolidation and beautiful reports. Visually, they are easy to understand and look at – which is important in our business.”

      “I think the franchisees appreciate that we’re pushing ahead with technology, and they can see real value in a team that is investing in innovation and best practice.”

      “The franchisees were extremely excited and enthusiastic when they saw the system demonstrated. This was powerful for us because as a franchisor we want our franchisees to be excited about the technology we are implementing to make their lives easier. It was wonderful to hear the excitement in the room.”

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