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    2. SalesFix deliver a winning story about why we Pledge 1%

    SalesFix deliver a winning story about why we Pledge 1%

    We pledge to help others

    • Our commitment to give back to the community is one of our key values at SalesFix so when we were asked to write a story about our Pledge 1% commitment – we jumped at the chance. We are stoked to find out that our story was considered as one of the best from the many submissions.

      We love sharing good news so we are posting the blog about Giving Tuesday here.

    • Our Giving Tuesday Blog post:

      At Salesfix, our culture is still evolving. “We are a SMB business with big dreams; not just for the business, but also for the impact we are capable of making on our community and the individuals within, including our own people”

      Our philanthropic values have become an integral piece of our day-to-day business, being driven from management and as a core piece of our annual business planning days. It is at our annual conference that we put a dollar figure beside the 1% Pledge items of profit, services and time. Then we strategize how we are best able to fulfil these targets.

      Every year is different, 2016-2017 included a week in Cambodia for a team of 11 out of 13; we packed hampers for Foodbank, we ran up and down the beautiful Sunshine Coast for Cancer, we supported our beautiful Maria as she cycled the mountains of New Zealand for the Smiddy Challenge, to name just a few.

      It’s not always fun packed days, though. As a Salesforce partner, we are well positioned to provide valuable support to the administration of our Australian based Not for Profits. This can include Salesforce implementation, Salesforce support and/or Health Checks along with pro-bono sessions supporting our general NFP community.

      We also support our Melbourne and Brisbane NFP Salesforce User Groups, in fact, Wyan Carter is the Melbourne NFP User Group leader and a valued employee of SalesFix. Our CEO Jason Lawrence actively promotes a workplace culture of respect and equality and is at the forefront of our philanthropic endeavours. He sleeps under the starts every year for the CEO Sleepout (supporting our homeless community), sponsors all our individual charitable endeavours by donation matching, and much more.

      Read about how some other Businesses are also taking the Pledge.

      “It’s Giving Tuesday, and in the spirit of the holidays and helping others, the AppExchange team recently sought examples of how Salesforce partners are giving back to their communities, whether it be through product, equity, or the gift of time. In fact, we recently selected partner stories based on creativity, repeatability, overall impact, and their ability to inspire the reader to take action. Many of these partners addressed Pledge 1%, a movement to change the world through inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy.

    • For us our commitment to continue to Pledge 1% means we will donate 1% of our services, profit and time to make a meaningful commitment to society, in line with one of our company value to support the community.

      Each year we will continue to support our wider community with different activities like charity fundraising, the CEO Sleepout, building homes in Cambodia, helping out at Foodbank and other worthwhile activities; as a group of individuals we are stronger as a whole and we show how much we care in a bigger and better way. Its who we are and why we are proud of our commitment to the 1% pledge program.