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    Top 10 Reasons to Choose Salesforce for Your Business

    Customers are the driving force of every business; no business can survive without its customers.

    • Salesforce CRM is a tool that helps businesses collect customer data and process it so that it can be used for sales and retention. However, using Salesforce comes with several other benefits for a business. Here are ten reasons why every company should use Salesforce.

      Usability: Salesforce is one of the easiest CRMs to use. With a 360° view of a customer’s information all in one place, sales reps can make more informed decisions and close deals much faster. In comparison, having to open multiple tabs and check different fields separately could waste time and not provide a clear view of the customer.

      Functionality: Salesforce offers one the widest ranges of default functionalities among CRMs. During the Salesforce setup businesses can choose the features that suit them best and configure the CRM for their processes. Configuring Salesforce is as easy as point and click which adds to its many benefits.

      Cloud technology: Salesforce was the first company to launch a cloud-based CRM and can also be used as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). The technology can support complex business models with no additional capital required for setup. Salesforce has four editions of this service which are billed according to the number of user licenses. It also offers the flexibility to switch from one edition to another if the need arises.

      Informative reporting tools: Sales reps can use the reporting tools to create reports of the accounts they have worked on. All activities regarding an account such as  products sold, deals in the pipeline, completed tasks, and so on can be viewed using the informative reporting tools in Salesforce. Reps can also use a graphical format to check their progress and performance.

      AppExchange: AppExchange is a business app store launched by Salesforce. Salesforce users get access to over 2800 apps that they can use to enhance customer engagement. There are both free and paid apps on AppExchange. Some of these apps include AdobeSign, MailChimp, Xero and more. Lightning App Builder allows users to build or customise apps themselves.

      Customizability: Salesforce is highly customizable which gives it a definite edge over other CRMs. With the help of Salesforce Implementation Partners, a business can easily add an extension to the CRM so that it offers the functions that are required by that company. With the ability to integrate business apps, choose from pre-existing functionalities, and add extensions the customizability of Salesforce is second to none.

      Scalability: The scalability of Salesforce is another benefit that companies can enjoy. As the business grows, so does the need to handle more customer data. Salesforce is scalable so that once implemented it can grow along with the business providing additional support as and when required, with the help of a few modifications or switching of editions.

      Consolidated view: The Opportunities View function gives sales reps a unified look at the ongoing relationship with the customer. The data is provided in a clear and easy to understand manner which helps reps better plan their customer interactions for the most impactful results.

      Tracking of the customer lifecycle: For a sales rep to be able to keep track of a customer lifecycle is invaluable. With Salesforce every touchpoint can be recorded and viewed later to help improve the customer experience. Features like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Desk.com and more help to better understand the customer’s needs, track the customer journey and provide better service to drive sales. Customised customer service can help distinguish one company from another and help with customer loyalty and retention.

      New updates: Salesforce is always innovating and reinventing itself. With a 18-year long journey, the CRM has developed into a strong force for customer relations and sales. The company continues to work towards making improvements in their products so that businesses can have a CRM tool that effectively and efficiently stores customer data and presents it in a way that gives it meaning. Having Salesforce always innovating so that it remains current in changing times is a long-term benefit that it offers its users.

      The reasons to use Salesforce listed here show just how powerful Salesforce for business is. When the CRM is implemented and customised for individual companies, its true power can be experienced. To implement Salesforce for your own business contact SalesFix.

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