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    Summer 2019 Release Notes

    With the recent Summer 19 Salesforce now fully deployed in Production orgs, we’ve picked a few key highlights we’d like to bring to your attention.

    • Lightning Experience Prompts

      A fantastic new feature allows you to create your own prompts using clicks not code. This will allow you to better train and onboard your new users onto Lightning. Let users know about new functionality or anything they should pay particular attention to.

      Celebrate Path Milestones with Confetti

      You can now add confetti into an Opportunity sales path (or any other relevant path). You can set this to fire on any stage and also choose the frequency.

      Send Surveys for Free

      Salesforce Surveys was released around a year ago and let Salesforce users send out surveys to their customers and users. This allowed functionality that updated Salesforce records as responses were recorded. Previously Salesforce Surveys incurred a license fee, however, they are now being made free to send. You will get charged based on how many responses you get after the initial free limit(300). 

      Power Up Related Lists

      Salesforce has extended the customizing power of related lists, allowing you to show up to 10 columns, resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text.

      Merge Up to 3 Case Records

      Previously this feature was not available without a custom solution. You now have almost the same functionality as merging accounts.

      Two Record View Options

      For customers who want a “softer” transition to Lightning Experience. Salesforce now has two record view options when setting up a record page. This second option looks more similar to classic and allows you to view a lot more records on one screen.

      Easily Update Sales Quotas

      Previously, Sales Quotas had to be updated via API or the data loader (or use an app). Now Admins and Managers can easily update quotas using this point and click tool directly from within Salesforce.

      Evaluate Each Record in Reports with Row-Level Formulas (Beta)

      Answering business questions sometimes means making a calculation on every row in a report. With row-level formulas, you don’t need to export report data to a spreadsheet or ask an admin to create a one-off custom formula field. Instead, write a row-level formula directly in the Lightning report builder.