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    2. 5 Successful Australian Companies Who Use Salesforce

    5 Successful Australian Companies Who Use Salesforce

    Better customer relations and the time to develop new leads will exponentially help the company grow month over month. Most businesses who implement Salesforce see results in a matter of weeks.

    • Companies use Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to better customer relations, develop new leads, create (and learn from) marketing campaigns, and much more.

      Using cloud technology, businesses can update and track customer information from anywhere using any device. This data can be shared amongst sales teams, customer service agents, and company management. 

      Many systems within Salesforce can be automated, allowing a company to save valuable time that they can now use to develop healthy relationships with new leads and existing customers. In short, Salesforce allows a company to manage processes, communicate (with each other and the customer), maintain client relationships, and analyse successful marketing campaigns.

      Successful Australian Companies Who Use Salesforce

      1. Insure 247  Noted as Australia’s fastest (and most disruptive) insurance company, Insure 247 uses Salesforce to keep up with their ever-growing customer base. Data collected about each customer keeps processes smooth and has reduced the time it takes to make new accounts and renewals.
      2. Big Red Group – First branded as RedBalloon, this organisation quickly found themselves lagging behind their competition. Implementing Salesforce into their process breathed new life into the company and helped generate new leads.
      3. Volkswagen Group Australia – This company has worked to develop a culture that improves on itself by 1% on a daily basis, instead of trying to improve in leaps and bounds. Salesforce has aided them in this mission by helping them funnel all customer information into a single source, ensuring that each client gets the help and outcome they need. 
      4. World Surfaris – – Specialising in helping surfers streamline their travel arrangements so that they can catch the best waves, World Surfaris uses Salesforce to give each client a personalised experience. Due to their reputation for superb customer service, they are growing globally at a rapid rate.
      5. GO1 – Every 6 seconds, someone in the world is completing one of GO1’s courses in business training. The company uses Salesforce to track customer purchases so that they can contact them when a similar training becomes available, meeting the customer’s needs and increasing sales. 

      How Does Salesforce Help a Business Grow?

      Salesforce helps a company grow by giving them access to new leads and helping a salesperson analyse and develop that lead into a sale. The CRM system also streamlines paperwork and communication between workers by ensuring that it is all stored in one central location. With this system, a customer who interacts with the company twice on the same day can receive seamless service even if they deal with two different employees. 

      Better customer relations and the time to develop new leads will exponentially help the company grow month over month. Most businesses who implement Salesforce see results in a matter of weeks. 

      Why Your Company Should Use SalesForce

      There are several reasons why your company should consider using Salesforce, including the following:

      • A CRM system can help you keep track and internally share customer information. You will no longer have to worry about compiling memos, sticky notes, and “remembered” information.
      • Salesforce can help you create one-on-one marketing campaigns, track its interaction with the customer, and save the results for future analysis. Over time, your campaigns will become more valuable as you can target a specific niche or demographic. 
      • The system can be automated to remind you of important customer milestones (such as sales anniversaries) and send follow up emails after a certain period of time. This way, you ensure that no customer is missed and that they all feel valued.

      How SalesFix Can Help

      SalesFix is a group of Salesforce consultants with decades of combined experience. We work with companies to implement the CRM system into the perfect workflow for their specific needs. While Salesforce is an extremely valuable tool, there is a steep learning curve and it can be daunting to figure it out on your own. SalesFix can help with our Consulting Services and Quickstart Implementation.

      Consulting Services

      Our Consulting Services follow a 7-step process to help you implement Salesforce into your business workflow. The first step is for us to learn about your business and understand your specific needs. Once we have that knowledge, we will work with you to create the perfect CRM system for your business, train you how to use it, then give you support and advice as needed.

      Quickstart Implementation

      Our Quickstart Implementation gets your Salesforce up and running in two weeks time. Our expert consultants will work with your company to create best practices that work for your business and train your end-users how to use it. 

      At SalesFix, we are proud to help Australian organisations reach their potential by developing and utilising individual CRM systems. To find out how we can help your business, contact us today.