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    2. Salesforce Summer ‘21 Highlights

    Salesforce Summer ‘21 Highlights

    The third quarter of 2021 has delivered us the latest Salesforce Release. Here are some of the highlights from the Summer ‘21 Release.

    • Update Fields from the Report Run Page with Inline Editing (Beta)

      The inline editing feature has been very useful with list views but now you can have inline editing for reports as well. You won’t need to go back to the original object record to update the information either as you can do it without leaving the Report Run page.

      One thing to note though is that this feature is still at beta stage and would have limited support from Salesforce. It’s also not part of the “Services” under the master subscription agreement with Salesforce.

      Download a Dashboard Image to a File (only applicable to Lightning Experience)

      With the new release, you can download dashboards to a .png file. Previously, you’ve had to take a screen capture of the dashboard and save it in your local drive.

      From the dashboard, simply click Download. The dashboard is then saved to your selected location in PNG format.

      See Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience

      Another new feature is the ability to see Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience. You don’t need to see the role and sharing rule at the backend, to easily understand why a user has access to a certain record. Now you can see why a user has the access they do. Previously, you switched to Salesforce Classic to see this information. Sharing Hierarchy is now available on the action menu, not just in the Share window.

      From the record action menu, select Sharing Hierarchy. Click on View next to the user’s name. You will see the record access the user has and the reasons for the access in the displayed table.

      Save Time with Mass Actions in Split View

      You can now perform mass actions from Split View whereas, previously, you had to switch back to a list view. You don’t need to open a separate list page to act on multiple records at once either. You can just select items in the split view and apply an action to all of them.

      Mass actions in the split view are the same as the mass action in the list view. However, inline editing isn’t supported in split view and you can only see checkboxes if the object has mass actions available.

      Drive Sales Team Accountability with Pipeline Inspection

      Pipeline Inspection provides sales teams a single view of their pipeline. This view has key metrics, opportunities, and weekly changes in close dates, amounts, stages, and forecast categories. These insights help the sales team focus on the most important deals with managers able to spend more time supporting the team to close more deals.

      The administrator would need to enable Pipeline Inspection from setup. Once enabled, users access Pipeline Inspection from the Opportunities tab.

      If you have any questions about how the new features would work with your org, please get in touch.