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    Salesforce Sites vs Other CMS

    Setting Sail for Smooth Business Waters Ahead

    • Matt Geldard, founder of SailFree set out to find a web solution for his data-intensive business which required a website that allowed clients to search, choose and enquire to book a vessel. Matt set off on the traditional path to website building – seeking a CMS with web-to-lead for Salesforce CRM.

      Matt says “Over a beer, Jason was visionary in pitching force.com ‘Sites’ as a totally integrated front-end solution for my website. Jason encouraged me to dream for what functionality I wanted; even though I ‘knew’ it was too complex and expensive”.

      Jason pitched and unlocked force.com sites native capabilities which deliver search and sorting functionality for the website by taking on 2 roles – salesforce.com Consultant and Project Manager of the Sites development.

      “It’s the combination of these 2 roles in a single person that was instrumental in the project’s success – Jason identified and delivered the integrated functionality of Salesforce CRM and force.com Sites for my website, which far exceeded my expectations”, says Matt.

      It was evident that the Salesforce Sites vs other CMS’s was going to be far superior. The all-in-one system architecture drives the website, sales and quoting tools which draw on a single data source. This means any new vessels or changes to specs can be updated in Salesforce CRM and all tools including the website instantly reflect the change.

      SailFree also utilises the CMSForce2 to allow authorised staff members to create edit and navigate any new content on the website. Matt says “enabling my staff to deliver content without needing an HTML developer keeps SailFree current and relevant, and that’s a large part of our value proposition to our clients – we can respond with lightning speed”

      Meeting Milestones Right Now and in the Future
      Another great benefit of the website being powered by force.com, Matt notes, is the system is “infinitely scalable”. This was very important for SailFree’s long-term goal of operating worldwide.

      Overall, Matt Geldard is extremely happy with the team at SalesFix ability to understand the requirements, propose and deliver an innovative and powerful solution.

      About SailFree: SailFree is a broker for private holiday and day charter yachts, catamarans and motorboats in Australian and worldwide locations.

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