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    2. What Sparked My Interest at Salesforce Essentials

    What Sparked My Interest at Salesforce Essentials

    • Disruptive Organisations Make Inroads with Salesforce

      I attended my first Salesforce Essentials recently and I walked feeling very enthusiastic – so much that I spent quite a bit of my weekend following up on my top news garnered from the event.

      We heard so many fantastic success stories about companies using Salesforce CRM to improve their business processes and productivity. It doesn’t seem to matter about the size of the companies having success either – there are plenty of small payers disrupting the bigger and more established competitors by using innovative technology.

      The Founder of eWAY, Matt Bullock, presented how his business has grown significantly by harnessing the power of Salesforce. eWAY has linked their sales, marketing and services using the Salesforce1 platform enabling them to compete successfully against larger, more established organisations. It was a great story and there were many more but I can’t list them all. Therefore in this blog, I am going to focus on the news that sparked my interest at Salesforce Essentials.

      SurveyMonkey and Salesforce Join Forces

      Given my marketing background, I thought the best news of the day was the latest integration between SurveyMonkey and Salesforce. It makes perfectly good sense that the #1 Survey company and the #1 CRM company join forces. I became very excited about this news that I decided to do a bit of research and write a blog about SurveyMonkey’s capabilities and how it will assist your organisation.

      During my research, I discovered that it wasn’t actually the first Survey company to integrate with Salesforce CRM. In fact, there has been a real contender out there for quite some time. The company is Getfeedback and, to be fair, I should present the capabilities and benefits of both. After all, everyone wants to make the best choice when leveraging the power of Salesforce and plugging in new solutions.

      With these Survey company solutions, you can now view all your customer satisfaction data alongside other data from marketing, services and sales. No longer do you need to analyze your survey data in silos!

      Here are some of the other benefits that both Survey Companies will provide:

      • Gain a greater understanding of your customers experience by viewing your survey responses directly in Salesforce.
      • See all your Salesforce and survey data side by side.
      • Greater visibility enables all staff, whether sales, marketing, or services, to provide better customer care.
      • Monitor your survey responses in real time: anytime, anywhere, any device.
      • Test new products, offerings and pricing with your customers.
      • Measure customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score-and more.
      • Track your progress and improve results over time – recurring surveys make it easy to track your Net Promoter score and your customer satisfaction.

      If you are looking at ways to improve your customer engagement I would suggest doing further research on these survey solutions that seamlessly integrate into your Salesforce CRM solution. SalesFix recommends that Getfeedback and SurveyMonkey would be a great place to start your research.

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