SalesFix Insider – Team Member Spotlight Katrina

SalesFix Insider – Team Member Spotlight Katrina

The SalesFix Team is an exceptional group of humans! They bring the right expertise and knowledge to everything they do for our customers.  SalesFix Insider gives you the opportunity to get to know our team members better and learn what makes them tick.  We recently caught up with Katrina Lawrence, one of our Salesforce Consultants, to learn more about her and the great work she does for our customers.

From Cairns to Melbourne by way of Brisbane, tech-geek Katrina's career trajectory has come full circle since her early days in game design.

What is your role at SalesFix?

I’m a Salesforce Consultant. Originally when I started here I was recruited as a Project Coordinator but I was actually doing a bit of consulting as well, so was promoted to Salesforce Consultant. 

As a Salesforce Consultant, I lead multiple projects across SalesFix, including helping customers implement Salesforce or making improvements on their existing Salesforce platform. I work with side by side with our customers talking to them to understand what they need and what problems they are trying to solve.  I then work with them to create a solution design, coordinate the build, help them transition, assist with training and support and enable go live.  I lead this vision with the help of my team throughout this process

Tell us about your career before SalesFix.

I was working for one of our customers, in exhibitions and events. This company transitioned to Salesforce and I was the Salesforce administrator, so when events stopped for a while, I moved over to working for SalesFix as I already had a great relationship with everyone. 

The reason I decided to pursue a career in Salesforce is originally at university I studied a Bachelor of Game Design and Interactive Entertainment.  I’m already a bit of a tech geek, and I’ve realised I prefer a more technical role over a sales role so a consultant role is perfect for me.

How would you describe your team and how you support each other?

We have several different teams which form the delivery team. I’m in the solutions support team and there is also the sales team and the customer success team; we all work really closely together. It’s quite small and tight-knit and every day each team gets together and talks about what we’ve got on our plate, and we help each other and work together to achieve success.

What’s your favourite aspect of your role?

I really enjoy that sense of achievement when you show someone what you’ve done and then they’re like, “wow that’s cool!”, or they come back and say they’ve showed this to everyone and that it’s going to be a gamechanger. I love to be able to work on a project for a long time and say “look at what I achieved!”

In your time with us at SalesFix, what has been your favorite project and why?

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre project. I learned so much from this project. I was quite junior at SalesFix at the time and felt out of my depth but grew hugely as a professional and a Salesforce Consultant. This experience also provided a glimpse into the lives of those less fortunate and made me reflect on how scared and unsure my own mother must have felt to move to Australia and start a new life over 30 years ago. She was lucky enough to have her sister here for support but many arrive with nothing.

After time spent working in sales and events, Katrina feels back to where she belongs by working in the tech space. Logical, focussed and results-oriented, Katrina’s background in IT has set her up for success in consulting at SalesFix.

SalesFix is serious about creating a positive and supporting working environment built on a culture of respect, diversity, equality and collaboration.

We’re always looking for smart and motivated technologists with a broad set of skills.
If SalesFix sounds like a fit for you we welcome you to GET IN TOUCH.


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To speak to one of our team in relation to options for your migration from DonMan
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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