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    Migrating to Salesforce Lightning – Are you ready?

    • Lightning Struck in 2015…

      Some 2 years on and several updates later, Lightning is now a compelling and desirable upgrade, which we think is worth your attention.

      It’s your choice – you don’t have to migrate to the new and improved Lightning interface.

      But if you choose to here are a few benefits.

      • The user experience has been overhauled with the customer experience in mind which has improved productivity
      • Admins, developers and partners can now access tools that will see them delivering solutions quicker and smarter than ever
      • The home pages for Reports and Dashboards have been redesigned, making it easier to find and create your reports and dashboards
      • Activities has taken a big step forward both as part of the page layout and intuitive functionality
      • The addition of List views in Lightning give you the ability to apply a filter within the list
      • The home pages for Reports and Dashboards has been redesigned to make it easier for you to find and create your reports and dashboards
    • Users will be able to:

      • Make Faster Decisions
      • Take Quicker Actions
      • A Contextual Hover Pop Up feature has been added – saving you time when you need a quick glance at a client’s record
      • You can migrate the platform department by department if you don’t want to make the leap all in one hit – or start with a pilot group
    • Did You Know:

      Some of these new features are only available in Lightning; you’ll need to ascertain what you need and what is important to you both now and into the future.

      If you’re not sure whether Lightning is for you and your business, Salesforce have added a handy “preview” tool which essentially allows you to take a look at how the interface works with your data.  Remember it is live so if you change the data, it’ll change your records.

      How we can help

      We can help you to assess what you can migrate over to the new interface and how complex it will be for your specific company. This will depend on the customisation you have carried out over the years since initial deployment.

    • SalesFix will

      • Identify your requirements and ascertain if a Lightning Migration will be a good move for you and your business
      • Allow you to preview what Lightning will look like for your organisation without pressing go
      • Develop your roadmap for seamless deployment of the new interface
      • Help you to assess all of the fields you have on your system to decide if you still want them included in the new look system
      • Develop connections to ensure that the existing solutions work perfectly with the new interface
      • Test the system to ensure it all works perfectly
      • Train you and your team on the changes to ensure you understand how to operate the new look system – this is non-negotiable – you must receive training
    • Please note – The new interface migration can take some time to do and it will require a trusted Salesforce partner to help you navigate the process.

      Why Choose Us?

      SalesFix are one of 4 Gold Partners in Australia, with an AppExchange Customer Satisfaction score of (9.49) which means our customers rate us highly. We are experienced and have the capacity to take on your migration project.

      Contact us today to start a conversation about migrating to Lightning and we will develop a roadmap to take you and your company on the journey to a better and more sophisticated CRM system.

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