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    2. How training your staff in a CRM will save you hours

    How training your staff in a CRM will save you hours

    • Customer Management Relation Software benefits companies in many areas, especially when employees are trained in how to use the CRM efficiently.

      The relationships and data stored within the system allow customers to connect with employees on a more personal level. A CRM helps gather all the needed information on a client; with this information, their needs can be met, and sometimes even anticipated. However, the staff must be comfortable with the CRM.

      Understand Customers’ Needs

      With a CRM, employees have information about the customers at their fingertips. Businesses need to form a relationship with their customers, and often, this relationship can be very one-sided. The customer knows a lot of information about the company through news, social media, and their marketing campaigns. However, a customer can often feel like a fish in the water when it comes to the company knowing them, a CRM helps with this issue.

      By gathering any information available about the customer, employees have access to all important information instantly, thanks to the cloud. Any information about the customer is saved within the CRM, is organised based on the information contained, and is then easily accessible when the customer returns with an inquiry. No more looking through miscellaneous papers, sticky notes, and wasting time instead of connecting to the customer. With this information, customers will have less wasted time when contacting the company, increasing happiness and return rates.

    • Forge Customer Relationships

      Staff will also begin to remember and forge relationships with the customers. When working with a specific customer on an issue, the staff may notice similarities between themselves and the customer. Encouragement to engage with the customers on a more personal level can provide positive moments for both the customer and staff. Think about past friendships; these are all based on common interests. So, if a staff member can connect to potential and returning customers with common interests, the customer is more likely to have a positive experience and return to the company. The staff member will have also made a connection, increasing their happiness level. Even if the interaction is completed over a wide area, both the customer and staff have started making steps to forming a strong relationship.

      This type of relationship building could not be accomplished without the CRM software. The CRM provides ample information about the customer including, interests, previous purchases, browsing, habits, and much more information. Humans revolve around relationships, so customers who feel they had a connection with someone at a company will often return, especially, if these relationships can be repeated when a customer return.

    • Training with a CRM

      The most important part about CRM is usability by the staff. This means the CRM must have a great user interface to find information quickly, easily, and then interpreted. Graphs, colours, and images allow information to be understood quickly and then explained. Luckily, a CRM with all these features already exists, Salesforce.
      This software focuses on you focusing on the customer. The interface is easy to understand and navigate. All needed information is easily seen and interpreted thanks to the Salesforce use of colours and layout. Navigation is easy with large panels and labels. Salesforce also focuses on many aspects to increase staff efficiency when communicating with customers.

      With a customer service cloud, Salesforce allows you to save information about customers, previous engagements and allows your staff to be flexible when engaging with the customer. Staff no longer has to waste time on finding information on the customer, since it is all in front of them; the staff can focus all of their attention on meeting the customer’s needs and forging a relationship with them.

      Valuable information is shown on the screen including response time, a customer profile, similar cases, and a knowledge centre. The staff will have the ability to work smarter with AI when available, provide answers to common inquiries before connecting to a staff member, and personalised customer care.

      Overall, Salesforce CRM will provide your staff with the skills they need to connect and meet the needs of customers. They will have access to any of the information they need about the business and the customer relationship.

      For more information contact SalesFix today and chat to one of our expert consultants.

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