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    2. Go for Growth Event (Brisbane) – Sept 13 2016

    Go for Growth Event (Brisbane) – Sept 13 2016

    • SalesFix are pleased to be sponsoring an amazing “Go for Growth” event being hosted by The Growth Faculty and are excited to be able to offer our customers and contacts a great discounted rate to attend.

      The mind boggles at the amount of innovation there is in our world right now and at the speed at which business is changing. It’s becoming increasingly harder to keep up with the latest trends and systems to support effective growth. Luckily there are a few sharp minds out there that have nous and methodologies to cope with and manage a growth plan that enables a business to streamline their operations simply and turn them into measured outputs.

      Verne Harnish is one of these sharp minds, author of ‘Scaling Up’ – the latest and greatest in his collection of business bibles. Verne is coming to Brisbane to share his insights with us in September at this “Go for Growth” event. His one page business plan is one of the most comprehensive yet simplistic planning systems available today.