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    2. SalesFix Gains Another Force.com Developer Certification

    SalesFix Gains Another Force.com Developer Certification

    • Howard Teague, one of SalesFix’s latest recruits, has received his Force.com Developer Certification in break speed time.

      Demand for Salesforce Certified Developers is growing rapidly and companies are finding it difficult to find proven and certified professionals. At SalesFix we are pleased to claim that 50% of our team are Certified Force.com Developers.

      Howard was employed by SalesFix approximately four months ago as a Project Manager. As he has learnt more and more about Salesforce CRM® on the job he wanted to learn more and become certified so he decided to follow the Developer training path.

      Congratulations Howard on your Force.com Developer Certification.

      Howard’s Tips on how to pass the Force.com Certification!
      This examination is considered more complex than the Administration Certification and is the base-line accomplishment in the Development Certification program. From here Howard can choose to study and sit his Advanced Developer Certification but for now, he’s happy that he has received this one.

      Howard Teague said, “I learnt a lot about the Force.com platform in everyday real life situations. I found the study around workflows, validation rules and approval processes pretty easy because I was being taught and using these on the job. If I wasn’t sure how to do something I would immediately go to the Salesforce Developer Account and play around with it on a dummy platform. This account was extremely useful”.

      Below are Howard’s tips on how to pass:

      Study Tips

      • Play around with the Salesforce Developer Account on a dummy platform
      • Spend one solid week watching the training videos and make good notes
      • Once the training videos are completed, spend your evenings learning and remembering the notes
      • One weekend before the exam go through all your notes and do some practice exams

      Exam Tips

      • Read the questions carefully because many include double negatives
      • Read the answers carefully as many are very similar but only one is correct
      • Practice exams really helped me understand how the exam format

      Biggest Tip

      • Access the platform and play around with it

      If you would like to check whether your Salesforce CRM configurator is certified you can easily do this via the Salesforce verification page by simply inputting their name or email address.

      Once again, congratulations Howard! Watch this space for more certification updates from SalesFix.