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    5 CRM Strategies That Will Change Your Business

    Big Data has transformed the way we break down and understand client relationships.

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a fast-evolving science that is increasingly becoming indispensable to businesses the world over.

      While cloud computing has proven how it can positively impact the bottom line, Big Data has transformed the way we break down and understand client relationships. And when you get it right, you are setting your brand up for accelerated growth and success.

      Here, we’re taking a look at the best CRM strategies that you can employ and their benefits, which will improve your business’ practices and ultimately your customer retention as well.

      Decision Support

      Decision-making processes are essential to any company regardless of its size. While different software may change, specific standard components like accounts, marketing, sales, and other similar verticals remain critical to the business. When you integrate CRM with your business and across projects, it optimises the decision-making process by allowing you to:

      • Check on your business requirements
      • Ensure your customer data is refreshed and updated
      • Access daily and weekly analysis reports
      • Evaluate lead sourcing
      • Gain connectivity across several platforms
      • Mine real-time data like leads, operations, and client meeting updates

      With CRM thanks to great inputs, you can make better decisions, which consequently result in robust business outcomes.


       By leveraging the customer base, CRM helps companies employ efficient marketing strategies that improve their marketing function and execution. Intuitive associated CRM strategies marketing solutions including web, direct and email marketing approaches are a step up from traditional techniques.

      Since CRM helps in analysing customer online buying behaviour, it is an effective tool in designing future marketing strategies.

      CRM delivers the following marketing benefits:

      • Reduced promotional costs because of low asset values
      • Better response rates in marketing campaigns
      • Improved outlay of business investment

       As a business owner, you should be able to check marketing performance frequently to ensure that the techniques you employ yield better results. And CRM oriented models provide a better analysis of marketing performance, which in turn helps to build more effective impact models.

      New Product Development

       To successfully launch a new product, a business must include customer sentiment in its creative process. Since CRM can be used as a platform for surveys, managing demo workflows and customer interaction, it provides the perfect solution to product development right from start to finish, including:

      • Idea generation
      • Demos and Tweaks
      • Product Release
      • Post-launch reviews

      Improved Customer Retention 

       CRM drives customer-focused organisations because it is very effective at improving the overall customer experience. Companies use CRM to manage their interactions with existing and potential customers, which helps them grow their productivity, increase customer satisfaction and as a result, retention as well. By tracking the history of your customers and resolving problems efficiently, CRM will help you;

      • Identify quality leads and respond to them
      • Enhance revenue from existing customers and grow referrals
      • Increase customer loyalty
      • Improve products and services based on customer feedback

      Enhanced Reachability and Visibility

       Salesforce CRM is an integrated suite that connects customers and businesses under one efficiently functioning umbrella. The platform can be rolled out across all your departments including advertising, marketing, sales, and after-sales service as well. A salesforce set up will enable your business to:

      • Increase engagement in your niche market
      • Enhance salesforce productivity
      • Improve connectivity across all commerce channels and
      • Provide better customer support


      SalesFix is a SalesForce CRM implementation, integration and service specialist company with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. As one of only a few SalesForce Gold Consulting Partners in Australia, their services are unrivalled when it comes to bringing together customers, businesses, employees, and partners.

      With their finger on the pulse of a plethora of Salesforce consulting and implementation solutions including Quickstart Implementation, CRM Health Check, Financial Process Integration, Field and Support Services and a whole lot more, SalesFix is one of the best Salesforce Implementation Partners in the country.

      If don’t have a CRM Salesforce for business platform, then you’re missing out on tools that bring with them an array of advantages. Alternatively, you might have a Salesforce platform in place but require help enhancing it.

      Regardless of where your business stands with CRM or how big or small your brand is, by getting in touch with SalesFix, you have the opportunity of taking your business to new heights.

      Achieve cost-effective and sustainable growth. Faster and simpler.

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