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    2. 5 Ways CRM Can Help Build Better Marketing Campaigns

    5 Ways CRM Can Help Build Better Marketing Campaigns

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an efficient method to maintain consistent communication with your customers.

    • In order to grow as an organisation, you must have good relationships with your customers. Clients typically don’t want to waste time re-explaining themselves or hearing the same sales pitch time and again.

      CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an efficient method to maintain consistent communication with your customers. How does this system help you build better marketing campaigns?

      CRM is a technology system that allows companies to interact and build relationships with current customers and potential leads. Sales teams are able to keep track of conversations with clients and use tools to improve future sales techniques.

      1. Provides in Depth Customer Insight

      As your team adds important information about the customer, you’ll have a better view of how to interact with a customer in the future. Any member of your team can contact them and have a general idea of how to communicate with them and their history with your company.

      Examples of how a deeper insight can be useful includes:

      • Knowing what time of the day to call – some clients prefer to take calls at specific times of the day or may want to set up a follow-up-appointment.
      • An understanding of the products they like/dislike – if a customer has made a complaint about a product or service in the past, you know not to try to sell it to them unless you’ve made improvements.
      • The overall temperament of the customer – some people enjoy a little small talk, others want you to keep the point and finish your business with them.

      The better you understand your lead, the more likely you’ll connect with them and they’ll be interested in your pitch.

      2. Personalised content

      CRM allows you to personalise outgoing messages to your potential leads by giving you relevant information about the customer. With this tool, you are able to escape the general signs of mass marketing and instead reach out to them with the information they’ll find relevant and important.

      Shaping each conversation will capture their attention and help you and your company make the sale. The more information you have about the lead, the stronger your presentation will be. You might even assign the lead to a particular salesperson who may be more appealing to the potential client.

      From the customer’s perspective, your focus is on them over your brand which will make them think highly of your company and more likely to do business with you in the future.

      Examples of the information you are given about your potential customers include:

      • Full name
      • Gender
      • Place of employment
      • Title in their company
      • Past communication with your company

      3. Keeps the Messages Consistent

      When your marketing team knows more information about the client and their interaction with your company, they’ll be able to keep messages consistent over time. They’ll know who to contact and when and won’t unnecessarily approach a lead who is already a loyal customer.

      Your communication with your customer should be based upon their action toward your brand. With simple systems in place, you can keep continuity in your messaging and target the correct market with your sales.

      4. The use of automated alerts

      To ensure that your team is on track with follow-throughs and other customer-related actions, you can create automated alerts. You can set up alerts weeks in advance to remind a specific team member to complete an action to touch base with the customer or follow through on a request. This simple step will create a seamless experience for your customer or potential lead.

      Possibilities for how an alert system can make your marketing and sales more efficient are endless and leads won’t get lost or forgotten.

      5. Use the best performing Campaigns as Templates for future Campaigns

      When you’ve had a successful sales campaign, keep track of the methods that worked and save it as a template for a future campaign. With CRM, you can look at the specifics of your marketing results to know what aspects worked so that going forward, your team is more efficient.

      Reuse the same campaigns with an improved focus for new contacts and leads. Continually update the template as needed to increase productivity.

      SalesFix helps companies build better marketing campaigns with their Salesforce CRM systems. To improve your customer relations, contact SalesFix today.