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    Are You Losing Your Customers? It’s Time to Get CRM Onboard

    How Do You Know When to Start Using CRM?

    • Do you run a successful customer-oriented business? Do you face periods of declined sales?

      Do you find that your sales force is not getting anywhere with potential customers, and existing customers are moving away? Many businesses brush this aside by telling themselves it’s just a lull in business – an off-season period. Perhaps this is so, but most often, the problem of dwindling customers is more serious than imagined.

      Common customer-related problems that lead to decreased sales

      It’s understandable that an organisation must concentrate on different aspects of the business to ensure its success. However, when customers are pushed aside so that employees can focus on the business aspects, customers are lost, and sales decrease rapidly. Although you may be under the impression that you are doing your best with your customers, here are some ways you are losing out on sales:

      • You don’t manage your customer data in an orderly fashion.
      • You forget to follow up with a client.
      • You don’t let your clients know about the launch of a new product.

      You don’t follow up with the customer after a sale.

      Some organisations concentrate on production and believe sales will happen automatically. These companies have sales forces that:

      • Don’t streamline the sales process.
      • Don’t have an actionable and scalable sales plan.
      • Believe sales are mostly accidental and not a result of an efficient process.

      Every organisation, no matter how big or small, thrives on its customers. Happy customers are return customers. Happy customers also spread the word around about your company and help get in more customers. Unfortunately, retaining customers requires an ongoing personalised approach. To provide excellent customer services, you must dig deep into what each customer needs and wants. Treating each customer as your ‘only customer’ and not in a shoddy manner is a must to ensure you don’t kill a sale.

      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for busy businesses

      Here’s where a Salesforce CRM comes into play. A CRM or Customer Relationship Management software tool is a software that helps an organisation nurture every one of its customers. The software manages current and prospective customers, contacts and clients. This frees up time for employees to concentrate on other important aspects of the business.

      A CRM manages valuable customer data in a very methodical and organised manner. With meaningful data arranged systematically, management can make better sense and get a deeper understanding of a customer’s buying behaviour. So, they can make better decisions regarding their customers.

      How a CRM can help you help your customers

      A Salesforce CRM is built around relationships. Any successful business thrives on successful relationships with its customers. Here’s how a CRM can help you:

      • A CRM will quickly find all your contacts and customers in no time.
      • The software will intimidate you of all the correspondence between a customer and the company. So, when you contact the customer, you don’t repeat yourself. You will know exactly what to talk about or the information to share the next time you meet them or email them.
      • The CRM software will let you know about the people in your team that the customer has been in contact with, so you can ask the right person for an introduction.
      • A CRM will help you understand your clients, contacts and your team much better.

      If you need help with your customer relationships, it’s probably time to install a Salesforce CRM. SalesFix has been helping organisations fix customer relationship problems with their seamless CRM. We will be glad to help if you require information on how a CRM can help you this coming retail season, or if you need help with CRM implementation. Get in touch with us today.

      Working with SalesFix

      SalesFix is a Salesforce implementation partner and a Salesforce Gold consulting partner. To find out how we can help you in the implementation of Salesforce and the training of your staff you can contact us via our website.

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