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Key Benefits


The University of Melbourne Ultrasound Education Group say Salesforce has completely changed the way they do business. Using Salesforce has increased efficiencies, reduced labour intensive processes, revolutionised the marking of student assessments, as well as communications with students and within the team. Salesforce forms the hub of the online learning management system and drives all interactions.


The Ultrasound Education Group had long relied on manual processes. Examinations often took more than two weeks to process and mark, and finding a student file meant searching for hard copy files in the filing cabinet! Using Salesforce has now enabled the organisation to standardise all processes from assessment marking, to creating a sophisticated e-learning assessment portal and a broader level of service to their students.


The team at Melbourne University Ultrasound Education Group say they live and breathe Salesforce. Since the introduction of Salesforce in 2010 it has made a huge difference in how they manage data, how they interact with both students and employees and how they create interest and market their workshops.

“SalesFix are long-term partners in our Salesforce journey and we are extremely happy with their service, knowledge and support we have received.”

Edwina Coller

Manager, Mobile Learning Unit and UEG


Based at Royal Melbourne Hospital, the University of Melbourne Ultrasound Education Group/ Mobile Learning Unit are part of the Faculty of Medical, Dentistry & Health Services. Delivering online courses, blended simulator courses and workshops. Salesforce is the engine that drives the way they run their business.

“We interviewed several potential support partners, and were really impressed with the structured and transparent approach from SalesFix”

The Situation

About 7 years ago the Ultrasound Education Group were using a manual paper-based system and had been doing so for many years. The more students, the more files, the more files, the more space required, the more filing cabinets, the more time needed to find what you were looking for! The paper-based system also meant that communication tracking was difficult, manual marking extremely time heavy and efficiencies were lost. Edwina Coller, Manager at the Ultrasound Education Group, had seen the benefits of a CRM so researched a number of CRM solutions before deciding that Salesforce was the best fit for their organisation.

The Challenge

The challenges faced by the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit have been two-fold. Initially Salesforce was introduced in to the organisation as a CRM for administrative efficiencies, to move away from the cumbersome, hard copy filing system that had been used for years. Part of these efficiencies was the development of the student portal system. Once Salesforce was up and running at the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit and supporting the business processes effectively, there was an additional challenge that presented itself. Rapid growth of the organisation meant that a larger number of students were accessing the student portal and the current system was struggling to cope. Edwina explained that the system would time out due to the large number of people using it. Students would get to their personal pages and ALL assessments would be listed on their page. Without a relevant filtering system this meant that some students who, for example, had been involved in multiple courses, such as workshops, simulation and Masters, would have to scroll through masses of information to find what they were looking for. The Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit found themselves then looking for a customised solution that would work to address their expansion issues and work with them long-term to evolve with their business. SalesFix had been recommended to them by their original developer, and whilst they did interview a number of potential partners, the synergy between how they work and how SalesFix work made SalesFix the preferred choice for the next stage of the process.

The Implementation

SalesFix gained a broad understanding of requirements and were able to work with the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit to create a customised solution that rectified the speed and timing out issues. Assessments are now listed in the student portal specific to course, making finding the right information much easier for students. In addition, workshops are advertised within the portal so students can book directly. The implementation of the customised solution for the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit involved complex integration of Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Community and an on-going support package from SalesFix


Through the implementation of Salesforce Lightning, Community and SalesFix on-going support, the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit have been able to move effectively through the stages of a paper-based system, to an effective CRM, to a customised solution, that has made a huge impact on how they collectively work within the organisation. Edwina Coller explained that SalesFix work quickly and effectively without the need for chasing. “They have a great way of communicating and we love their support contract approach. They are extremely flexible, we always know where our projects are up to, as well as financial tracking to ensure we are tracking to budget.” Since the introduction of Salesforce and the subsequent system customisation, communication through the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit has become streamlined and efficient and a broader level of service is offered to all students. The system is also scalable for the organisation to be able to continue to grow. From 7 years ago having no capacity to do the work, exams taking two weeks to process and mark, the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit are now experiencing continuing growth in their business and service offerings.

The SalesFix Solution

SalesFix continue to work with the Ultrasound Education Group/Mobile Learning Unit on an on-going support contract, which also includes development work as required. Edwina Coller said that SalesFix are long-term partners in their Salesforce journey and they are extremely happy with the service, knowledge and support they have received. “We are very happy having SalesFix as a partner. They work in collaboration with us to take our structures and systems to a higher level. There is a great alignment in the way both organisations operate which makes it a pleasure. We look forward to working with them well in to the future”.

St. John
Project Details

Client: University of Melbourne
Date: February 2018
Skills: Health

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