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    SNORE Australia is the largest provider of overnight sleep studies in Australia. With 200 staff over 40 locations across Queensland, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, SNORE performs over 30,000 sleep studies every year.
    Since 2000, SNORE has provided services to both bulk-billed and private hospital in-patients. They provide full Level 1 attended polysomnograms, the highest international standard of sleep study equipment.SNORE’s main client base are GP’s, who typically refer their patients to the SNORE sleep laboratory for an overnight sleep disorder study.

    • Communications were excellent, and I found Jason’s knowledge of Salesforce really outstanding. SalesFix is very prompt and very reliable.

      Tony Kelly
      General Manager, SNORE
    • SNORE is part of a group of companies including Healthy Sleep Solutions (HSS) and Air Liquide Healthcare. After being introduced to Salesforce via HSS, SNORE reflected on the limitations of their own CRM, Bluechip. The system was very limited, and clinical data were not stored within Bluechip. “While we’ve diagnosed 200,000 patients, I could not have told you what the average age or weight of what my patients were,” says General Manager Tony Kelly. “As a market leader and contributing more and more to research studies, it was a massive gap in our knowledge.”

  • Key Benefits

    • Collaborative

      Through unifying different patient and clinical databases with one unique patient identifier,this sleep study provider is able to elevate the quality of their referrals. SNORE is now sharing crucial sleep data on typical patients with GP’s

    • Standardised

      With historical data from patient details to referrals,and GP locations, SNORE’s data is now in one,easy-to-use location. Existing data is merged into the Salesforce platform in a format that’s shareable and uniform.

    • Focused

      The Salesforce “Geopointe” feature saves time and allows sales reps to check-in on their location and enter details about their client meetings. With details of all referrers in the area, SNORE’s sales activities in the field are more focused than ever.

  • The Challenge

    • Before Salesforce was implemented,SNORE had no sales structure in their business. Given that SNORE wanted to market GPs directly, they knew that any solution had to be focused on the sales and marketing side of their business. One of the key aims of the project was to give power to SNORE’s sales reps, to connect with their client base more closely.

      “We wanted to use our data for collaborative purposes, both with our clients and for research purposes. We wanted to ensure the GPs who were referring for sleep studies were correctly identifying potential sleep disorder sufferers. For example,if they referred 10 patients to us, then I wanted to be able to tell them if they referred 8 or 9 people with obstructive sleep apnoea (or another sleep disorder), or only 2. Depending on the outcome of that data, we would be able to work closely with the referring doctors to raise awareness of the typical signs and symptoms that a person suffering from a sleep disorder would exhibit.”


    • The Implementation

      “The main challenge was importing all that data, which really needed a huge cleanup!” says Tony. SalesFix first generated an export file in Excel. Once the correct fields were formatted, the SNORE team was able to clean up the whole file. An additional mapping tool feature was suggested by SalesFix. This allows SNORE’s sales reps in the field to check in on their location and enter details about the meeting they had. It also allows them to bring up all the details of the GPs in the area who refer to SNORE. “What I liked about SalesFix was that they were very
      collaborative. They kept me informed at every step of the
      process. I just liked their openness and their honest approach to the way they managed the project, it was done very well.”

    • The SalesFix Solution

      Before implementation, Bluechip contained typical data (including name,address and Medicare number). While
      the clinical data (height,weight,and sleep apnoea status) was stored in a separate database. “But if we were going to share information with clients and partners, we had to do it in a standardised fashion,” says Tony.
      SalesFix deployed an integrated mobile solution, with the data model enabling visibility of critical business information to come together in a single location. “There had to be something that lined the patient through our different processes. Then as long as our different databases remain clean, you’ve set yourself the right foundation for a good CRM.”

  • The Results

    • From employing only one sales rep, SNORE has since gone on to employ 10 new sales reps and is now able to give them the information they need to talk with GP’s.

      “I love the Geopointe feature,” says Tony. “When they’re out in the field, they can see all the GP’s in their area so can really maximise their time. The check-in feature also allows us to measure our success rates with every visit. For example, when we trial different types of education pieces on things like diabetes or hypertension, we know exactly what we did at every location and we can then measure the success of that particular campaign.”

      Tony is optimistic where they can take the power of their Salesforce CRM in the future.


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