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    Salesforce Pardot Quickstart Implementation

    Pardot provides a full suite of tools that help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Take your marketing campaigns to the next level using marketing automation tools available with Pardot. Connect the dots across all of your marketing channels with ease by placing your marketing tools and Salesforce® CRM under one umbrella.

    • SalesFix are always very interested in our business. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping us improve our business processes and always go the extra mile in servicing their customers.
      The whole project ran very smoothly and SalesFix gave 110% of what they offered.

      David Bathgate
      General Manager, Comvita
    • What Is Salesforce Pardot Quickstart?

      Salesforce Pardot is a robust toolset that aids marketers in creating impactful, targeted marketing campaigns with the aid of automation. Our Salesforce Pardot Quickstart service will have you up and running in record time so you can see an immediate return on investment. SalesFix provides you with the expertise that lets you hit the ground running in your new marketing endeavours.

    • Our Commitment

    • Up and running in less than 1 week

    • Starting templates, forms, landing pages included

    • Take advantage of key Pardot features

    • End user training

    • Fixed price engagement

    • Our Process

    • Consultation

      Vital to the success of the Quickstart, we take a collaborative approach to ensure we fully understand your business objectives.

    • Implementation

      Our processes documents everyday activities, allowing us to swiftly implement business process.

    • training

      We provide training and support to realise the effectiveness of Pardot, and how it benefits your business.

    • How Does Salesforce Pardot Quickstart Work?

      Our expert Salesforce Pardot consultants will fully analyse your organisation’s needs and operations to best understand how we can aid you. We provide administrator training, so your staff are ready to go as soon as the switch is flipped. We also offer templates, forms, and landing pages to get you started. SalesFix will have your Salesforce Pardot ready to go in less than a week.

    • Who Is Salesforce Pardot Quickstart For?

      You’ve heard all about the advantages of Salesforce Pardot, you know it is going to transform your sales & marketing efforts, but you need help to get it set up properly.

      You aren’t sure how to best utilise the new tools or what features require more advanced customisation. SalesFix is here to help. Our expertise will get you reaping the rewards as quickly and painlessly as possible.

      Salesforce Pardot provides streamlined marketing automation and lead management in order to get you in touch with new customers with the right content to match their buying stage. Additionally, Salesforce Pardot offers meaningful return on investment reporting, so you can easily get a bead on what’s working and what isn’t – increasing your overall marketing ROI and pinpointing trouble areas for you to work on.

      Our Quickstart service will make sure your team is ready to take advantage of these powerful tools, so your investments don’t go to waste.

  • Outcomes for you

    • Effortless Email Marketing

      Pardot helps you create beautiful email campaigns that deliver.

    • Insightful ROI Reporting

      Understand what’s working and what isn’t.

    • Streamlined Lead Management

      Increase engagement and sell faster by reaching the right customers at the right time.

    • Smarter Lead Generation

      Use Pardot’s landing pages, forms, search tools and social connectors to maintain a steady flow of leads.

    • Seamless Sales Alignment

      Sell more effectively when marketing and Sales in sync.

    • Salesforce Consulting Partner SINCE 2012

      As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, SalesFix transforms businesses and connects customers, partners and employees with streamlined systems.

    • How Can SalesFix Help?

      We provide a fixed-price engagement that will have you up and running in under a week. Our expertise will ensure your team is prepared to take advantage of the powerful new tools. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, SalesFix provides unparalleled expertise that will ensure you see an immediate return on your Salesforce investment.

    • Get more effective and profitable sales processes.

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