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    Salesforce Lightning Migration

    There is a process to migrating to Salesforce Lightning, it’s not a weekend job. Customisations and code will need careful planning and time to define a clear migration path to keep your business on track.

    • The collaboration with SalesFix has been extremely positive, from support to ensure we get the most from Salesforce, to custom configuration to suit our business.

      Nathan Senti
    • What is Salesforce Lightning Migration?

      Our Lightning Migration process focuses on the specific needs of your business. We will make a customised Lightning Migration Plan, reviewing what your business has now, planning for the future and necessary preparation, ensuring that your whole team ready for the flick of the switch. You will have the knowledge necessary to ensure a smooth, seamless transition to the new system. Our expert training will get you and your team completely up to date so you can see an increased return on investment and deliver superlative customer service.

    • Our Commitment

    • Identify your requirements and develop a Lightning Migration Plan for your business

    • Preview Lightning before pressing Go

    • Develop your roadmap for seamless deployment of the new interface

    • Help your user experience, improve how you work

    • Develop connections to ensure everything works perfectly

    • Test the system

    • Train you and your team on the changes to ensure you understand how to operate the new look system – this is non-negotiable – you must receive training.

    • Our Process

    • Consultation

      Identify your requirements and develop a Lightning Migration for your business.

    • Implementation

      A 7 step process that translates strategy into action and ensures you fully understand how our service has been designed, produced and delivered.

    • training

      Train you and your team on the changes to ensure you understand how to operate the new look system – this is non negotiable – you must receive training.

    • How Does Salesforce Lightning Migration Help You?

      Salesforce Lightning Migration Plan makes the transition process as painless as possible. The new user interface provides a sleeker, and more user-friendly experience while retaining all of your current data. Custom code will be tailored for your specific needs to ensure widespread adoption and interconnectivity. User training will onboard you and your employees for using the new and improved Salesforce Lightning service. You will also have access to more robust analytic tools and reports.

    • Why Should You Switch to Lightning?

      While Salesforce Classic has served you well in the past, new Salesforce releases and feature development is happening only in the Lightning Experience. This means by continuing to use Salesforce Classic, you are missing out on the Salesforce CRM services and functionality that you’re paying for in your subscription. Development for Classic is a thing of the past and Lightning is going to be the home for all future updates.

    • Who Should Make the Switch?

      At this point, remaining on Classic is a disservice to yourself. Lightning is the modern, enhanced version of Classic that is receiving all of Salesforce’s development efforts. Our Salesforce Lightning Migration Plan will have you and your team fully operational within the new user experience, so you can start reaping the rewards of your subscription and take advantage of the new and improved functionality offered through the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

  • Outcomes for you

    • Move forward with the latest interface

    • Increase ROI & deliver better customer service

    • Enjoy Custom home pages, dynamic page layouts & lot’s more.

  • Salesforce Lightning Page Example

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      As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, SalesFix transforms businesses and connects customers, partners and employees with streamlined systems.

    • How Can SalesFix Help You?

      Our partnership with your business will provide you and your team with all the resources you need to make the switch. We will develop road maps and connections while also testing the system to ensure complete functionality and usability. Personalised training from a Salesforce Consulting Partner will transform your business into a streamlined powerhouse ready for anything.

    • Get more effective and profitable sales processes.

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