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    Salesforce Financial Process Integration

    Building an integration between Salesforce and your financial solution allows you to manage your data from a single source; having financial information in your accounting system & another system for your customer service is not helping customer service. In order to gain an full overview of your customer, you need to have all the information in one place.

    • SalesFix knew what questions to ask to help us think about what we wanted to get out of the system. They took the time to understand every aspect of our business and left no stone unturned. Our CRM and ERP integration makes us more streamlined than ever before, saving an approximate $275K per year on wages and allowing those funds to be pumped back into the Charity

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    • What is Salesforce Financial Integration?

      Salesforce Financial Integration brings the functionality and ease of use of the Salesforce dashboard to your financial systems by combining the two disparate pieces into one. The integration allows you to access everything from one interface, saving time, and heartache.

      By integrating your financial solution with Salesforce, we create a way to manage all your data in a single location. This empowers your team to deliver the best customer service possible by dispensing all the pertinent information from a single source.

    • Some Benefits

    • A fast integration setup

    • Smooth and easy data mapping

    • The right schedule and sequence for your data transfers

    • An efficient way to handle errors

    • Systems that are always in sync

    • Integrations that automatically follow the updates and upgrades of the systems

    • A solution that will grow as your company grows

    • No rekeying of data

    • Saves significant resource time on non value added task.

    • Our Process

    • Consultation

      Vital to your success, we take a collaborative approach to ensure we fully understand your business objectives.

    • Implementation

      Our processes document everyday activities, allowing us to swiftly integrate financial processes.

    • training

      We provide training and support to help you realise the effectiveness of Salesforce® financial software integration.

    • How Does Salesforce Financial Integration Work?

      Our Salesforce Financial Integration process will have your business running buttery smooth as quickly as possible. SalesFix will save your business time and resources by providing Salesforce CRM solutions that grow with your business, alongside any Salesforce updates and upgrades. We will streamline your business with seamless Salesforce and financial systems integration that will cut costs and increase productivity.

      The Salesforce Platform can bring together data that lives in external or third-party platforms in order to build a unified view of your customer. Integration can unlock and modernise your disparate systems into a single, user-friendly viewport that enhances your team’s ability to meet the customer’s needs.

    • Who is Salesforce Financial Integration For?

      Does your team waste time updating and maintaining customer and order information across various systems? Are data loss and errors a common occurrence? Is there poor communication between sales and support staff regarding customer status or financial standing? If any of these problems sound familiar, you should look into Salesforce Financial Integration.

      The benefits of integrating your financial applications with Salesforce are numerous. You can reduce resolution time for customer service inquiries and accelerate collection efforts. Integration also increases accuracy and recency of data while saving time by eliminating double entry of customer and transaction information.

  • Outcomes for you

    • Reduce double handling

    • Assign invoices to projects directly in Salesforce

    • One view for everything = better customer service

    • Salesforce Consulting Partner SINCE 2012

      As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, SalesFix transforms businesses and connects customers, partners and employees with streamlined systems.

    • How Does SalesFix Help?

      We are a Salesforce Consulting Partner who offer a speedy integration setup that provides efficient error handling methods. We make the entire Salesforce Financial Integration process painless and ensure it goes off without a hitch. Our Salesforce implementation expertise will have your systems integrated into a single interface, so your team can provide the utmost in customer support in a massively simplified environment. SalesFix will have you reaping the rewards of increased productivity in no time flat.

    • Get more effective and profitable sales processes.

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