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    Salesforce Field Services Lightning Quickstart

    Streamline operations across the entire service chain on one platform to deliver a connected customer experience with Field Service Lightning. With Field Service Lightning, you can transform the connected customer experience and equip your agents, dispatchers and mobile employees with the tools they need to deliver a powerful customer experience anytime, anywhere and via any mobile device.

    • The collaboration with SalesFix has been extremely positive, from support to ensure we get the most from Salesforce, to custom configuration to suit our business.

      Nathan Senti
    • What is Field Service Lightning?

      Field Service Lightning is a single platform that connects your entire workforce – enabling faster, smarter and more personalised on-site service for your customers. Not only does it allow for your employees to stay on top of things, but it also provides customers with the ability to easily book their own appointments in a customer community.

      Field Service Lightning provides invaluable tools for all team members from the bottom of the chain to the top.

      Mobile Employees
      Can access the all-in-one mobile app that provides them with all the information they need to successfully complete each job. They can view parts needed, the steps required for each task and even get directions to the site.

      Support Agents
      Have access to appointment booking where they can view detailed case feeds, live milestone tracking as well as worker skills and knowledge.

      Can view and manage all scheduled appointments from the dispatcher console, coordinate resources and use Map View for real-time oversight of all field workers.

      Capable of tracking resource management in the field as well as key customer and employee metrics for ensuring operations are as efficient and productive as possible.

    • Our Process

    • Consultation

      Vital to the success of the Quickstart, we take a collaborative approach to ensure we fully understand your business objectives.

    • Implementation

      Our processes document everyday activities, allowing us to swiftly implement business process.

    • training

      We provide training and support to realise the effectiveness of Salesforce® Field Service Lightning & how it benefits your business.

    • Our Commitment

    • Up and running fast

    • Best practices around data quality and usability

    • A scalable Salesforce Field Service Lightning foundation

    • End user training

    • Fixed price engagement

    • Who is Field Service Lightning for?

      Field service management ensures you get the best from your mobile workforce or contractors. Industries such as child care, transportation, telecommunications, vending machine services, landscaping, and cleaning services are just some of the many areas where mobile workforces are employed and need to be managed.

      Field Service Lightning gives your employees access to everything they need to know to quickly and efficiently perform their tasks – keeping your customers happy.

  • Outcomes for you

    • Business Review Workshop

      Map your current business processes & identify a future road map.

    • Solution Design

      Ensure your processes are as efficient & productive as possible.

    • Create Work Orders Faster

      Track SLA compliance with Milestones. Integrate work orders with Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Cases and other objects.

    • Training for your users

      We provide up to 8 hours support and training to encourage adoption and ensure you are getting Return on Investment.

    • Mobile ready

      Bringing the full power of on-site job management to your mobile workforce.

    • Schedule & Assign work intelligently

      Have jobs automatically assigned to the right resource.

    • Salesforce Consulting Partner SINCE 2012

      As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, SalesFix transforms businesses and connects customers, partners, and employees with streamlined systems.

    • How Does SalesFix Help?

      Our Salesforce Field Services Lightning Quickstart service will have you and your team geared up and ready to go in no time. We enable you to get the most out of Field Service Lightning and help you hit the ground running. Equipped with key information from our consultation with you, we can provide individualised support tailored to your business. We provide expert training that will streamline the entire process of incorporating Field Service Lightning into your daily operations.

    • Get more effective and profitable sales processes.

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