About SalesFix

Australian based Salesforce® Gold Consulting Partners

SalesFix is your specialist partner in business process improvement.

Salesforce Gold Consulting Partners Australia
Salesforce Gold Consulting Partners Australia

We are Salesforce® CRM implementation, integration, and service specialists with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner – Whether you’re just starting to understand the true capacity of Salesforce or need assistance to amplify your Salesforce platform, SalesFix offers businesses more. We get you on track (or back on track!) to build more value for your company – faster.

As one of only a handful of Australian based Salesforce Gold Consulting Partners, SalesFix develops a clear line of sight to your data.

We transform your business and connect customers, partners and employees with streamlined systems. At every point, we collect, analyse and use data to help us, and you, identify solutions that deliver superb business results.

From initial engagement to project delivery and training, and post-support, SalesFix ensures that all customers are fully engaged and getting the value that they expect from their CRM partner. With customised, process-driven solutions, SalesFix will improve efficiency and drive higher profits for business

The SalesFix team is highly trained, Salesforce® certified, and local.

We are a team of dedicated professionals – doing great work with great clients.

Jason Lawrence - SalesFix

Jason Lawrence

Senior Solutions Consultant

Sandy Simpson - SalesFix

Sandy Simpson

Business Support Analyst

James Martin - SalesFix

James Martin

Business Support Analyst

Nicola Hungerford - SalesFix

Nicola Hungerford

Head of Delivery

Maria Douglas - SalesFix

Maria Douglas

Salesforce Consultant

Karen Matheson - SalesFix

Karen Matheson

Office Manager

Alexandra Fournier - SalesFix

Alexandra Fournier

Salesforce Consultant

Karen Matheson - SalesFix

Wyan Carter

Salesforce Consultant

Phill Holden - SalesFix

Phill Holden

Salesforce Consultant

Jomark Labrague - SalesFix

Jomark Labrague

Salesforce Developer

Andrew Baldwin - SalesFix

Andrew Baldwin

Salesforce Administrator

Cedric Ilag - SalesFix

Cedric Ilag

Salesforce Developer

Christine Garcia - SalesFix

Christine Garcia

Sales Support