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Empowering Manufacturing Business Success:
Connecting with and growing your customers through innovative solutions.

SalesFix can help you capture and understand the voice of your customer and provides solutions that deliver outstanding customer experiences, driving lifelong loyalty.

Today Manufacturing goes beyond product and distribution, it is a complex lifecycle that involves many moving parts within your business.  From operations, sales and distribution, managing partners and recurring business through to service and support.  SalesFix help manufacturing businesses build innovative solutions that simplify the complex and allow more time to focus on understanding and growing your customers.

What can we help you with?

Streamlined Sales

Reduce administration and spend more time selling.  Simplify and increase quoting accuracy, forecast sales pipeline and build recurring business.

Partner Engagement

Improve collaboration and communication to drive a smoother supply chain, higher partner satisfaction and stronger relationships.

Monetising Service

Generate revenue beyond sales of your core product. Create or improve value-added services that can foster great experiences and  customer loyalty.

Why partner with SalesFix ?

At SalesFix, we are driven by our passion to help you capture and understand the voice of your customers, so that you can deliver exceptional experiences that foster lifelong loyalty.

Our team of experts excel in harmonising processes and systems, allowing you to effectively reduce your cost to serve and bring confidence to your business technology.

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Our comprehensive solutions span across various aspects of your business,
including sales quoting, managing partners, recurring business, service and support.

With world-class CRM software Salesforce as the foundation of our solutions, we deliver a powerful and user-friendly platform that can accommodate your unique business needs. 

Partner with us to revolutionise your customer experience and fuel the growth of your business.

SalesFix are always very interested in our business. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping us improve our business processes and always go the extra mile in servicing their customers. The whole project ran very smoothly and SalesFix gave 110% of what they offered.

General Manager, Comvita


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The basics of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Explained

Manufacturing Cloud is a Salesforce product that allows companies to see and collaborate between the sales and operations departments of a manufacturing company. 

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