1. Industry Solutions

    Property & Finance

    Perfect for the property and real estate industry; an accelerated implementation on the Salesforce platform for better management of leads, clients and properties.

  • Features

    • Manage your property portfolio

    • Capture new leads and distribute amongst sales agents

    • Integrate with popular real estate websites like Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au

    • Monitor activities – phone calls, emails and meetings

    • Track your sales pipeline, administer contracts and track commissions

    • Filter your portfolio of properties that meet a client’s requirement and easily email results

    • Monitor settlements and required inspections

  • Key Benefits

    • Rich feature set for the property industry

    • Fast implementation times

    • Pick the features applicable to your business

    • Your property acceleration team

      Our specialist Property Accelerator is perfect for the property and real estate industry looking to create efficiency across management of leads, clients and properties, so you can sell more houses!

      Imagine if you could manage your property portfolio using Salesforce and have all your data in one place.  We know there are many facets to selling a house, it’s not just an online listing, an open house and a contract.  There are often months, sometimes years, of client nurturing to get the results you are seeking.

      Do you want your vendors and buyers to think you are a rock star?  The Salesfix Team are ready to help you to manage your Property based business better!

    • Get more effective and profitable sales processes.

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