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    2. Proud Aussie partners of the premier geo-mapping tool – Geopointe

    Proud Aussie partners of the premier geo-mapping tool – Geopointe

    • Local Trailblazers SalesFix are taking Australia by storm with their continual and rather vigorous growth strategy to become the country’s number one Salesforce implementation specialist. The latest step in their mission involves SalesFix becoming the very first Australian partner for The Premier Geo-Mapping Solution for Salesforce© – Geopointe.

      Already a Gold Partner with Salesforce, this company is rapidly adding new strings to their bow to achieve their ultimate goal.  The addition of partnering with Geopointe essentially allows them to offer this intelligent mapping solution to their customer base.

      Your sales team can now intelligently map customers and easily determine optimal routes to visit multiple clients in one day by setting appointments based on geography.

      You can also manage, assess, and reassign territories quickly and easily. So as we have added another string to our bow, you too can add another function to your Salesforce platform.

      Ask us how to integrate Geopointe with your Salesforce CRM.

      Geopointe helps you to unlock the ‘where’ in your Data

      • Map customers near your specified location
      • Assess the best location to hold your next event
      • Manage, assess, and reassign territories quickly and easily
      • Optimise routes to visit multiple clients in one day
      • Develop geographically targeted marketing campaigns
      • View what territories are showing the biggest increase in revenue year over year

      SalesFix are able to integrate this incredible technology into your Salesforce platform giving you all sorts of tools you’ve never had before, saving you time and money and helping your sales team to reach and exceed their KPI ’s.

      SalesFix are focused on improving businesses through the implementation of the correct technology for that client. Their local and approachable team helps businesses to assess and evolve their systems using technology like Geopointe. The qualified and dedicated team loves a challenge and they go out of their way to locate the perfect solution for their client’s problems.

      Enabling a sales team to map out the optimal route for their sales calls not only is more efficient than doing it manually, but it also saves doubling back on yourself and spending more time on the road than necessary.  Being able to add comments to Salesforce 1 through the Geopointe app directly after attending the meeting means that your rep needs to have one app open on their mobile device to map, locate & manage the client making them and your business more efficient.

      Geopointe has been rated as a Top 10 application on AppExchange Used by over 1400 organizations worldwide. It has over 360+ reviews on AppExchange and is a Customer Choice award winner, so it’s no wonder that SalesFix saw the benefit of being the first Aussie partner.

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