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    Pay It Forward Application Form

    SalesFix launched its Pay It Forward initiative in July 2020. As part of the initiative we ask all our for-profit customers to add 1% to their engagements, which we then match. That translates into pro bono delivery hours for our team of NFP experts.

    • If you’re an NFP with (or without) Salesforce, and you’d like our help, complete the form below. We assess applications on a regular basis and will come back to you soon with an answer.

      Bear in mind, the amount of time we can devote to any one NFP is limited. We can’t set up a complete fundraising solution for you, but we can help.

      Here are some of the things we could do:

      • Integrate programs such as Outlook, MailChimp or Campaign Monitor to Salesforce and show you how to use it.
      • Show you how to prepare and migrate data into Salesforce.
      • Advise on your overall solution and/or best practices around use of the Non-Profit Starter Pack.
      • Help you set up a simple case management solution.
      • Deliver training to your staff.
    • Pay it Forward

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